Shiveluch volcano covered with ashes Kamchatka village

Shiveluch volcano covered with ashes Kamchatka village

Moscow. June 15. INTERFAX.RU — the Shiveluch Volcano, erupting in Kamchatka, threw a column of ash to a height of 12 kilometers above sea level, said on Thursday the Main Department of EMERCOM of Russia in Kamchatskiy Krai.

“This event at Shiveluch occurred on Thursday early in the morning local time. Ash plume extends in a South-Western and North-Eastern directions from the volcano. In the village of Keys, which is at a distance of 51 kilometers from the giant, recorded a loss of ash” — said in the message.

According to the MOE, the layer of fallen in the village of ash is about three millimeters.

“The population of the village of Keys followed by a stationary loudspeakers speakerphone. The villagers recommendations on rules of conduct during palapala. In the case of amplification palapala in the village there is a sufficient number of respirators. If necessary, they will be issued to the residents of the village”, — emphasized in the MOE.

Rescuers do not exclude that the ash cloud may reach other settlements of Ust-Kamchatsky and Milkovsky districts. The inhabitants of these territories is recommended when loss of ash not to go outside, close doors and Windows — inhalation of ash and hit him in light of possible allergic reactions.

“If ash still enters the home, family members should wear respirators or gauze bandages or breathing through a towel” — warned in the MOE.

Shiveluch is set to the highest, code red aviation hazard. This means that small particles of ash from the volcano can get into the mechanisms flying aircraft and helicopters. International route air traffic around the volcano Shiveluch are not. The leaders of the local aviation companies warned about possible dangers and the need to change the route.

All the tourist companies are also informed about the dangers that can lie in wait for tourists in case of trips to the volcano Shiveluch. They strongly recommended not to drive tourist groups on the trails close to him.

The height of Shiveluch — 3 thousand 283 m highest point of the active part — 2 thousand 800 meters above sea level, age 60-70 thousand years. Shiveluch — the northernmost active volcano of Kamchatka. It is also situated in Ust-Kaminska district is 45 km from the village of Keys. The activity of Shiveluch intensified in may 2009. As a result, the dome of the volcano cut cleft depth of about 30 m.