Putin said that Russia is ready to defend the Crimea with all available means

President Vladimir Putin said that Russia will use all its available means to protect its own territory, including Crimea. He told this in the film by American Director Oliver stone, the third of which came out on Showtime, reports TASS.

Answering the question about the reaction to fly in 2014, the Russian combat aircraft of the USS Donald cook in the Black sea, Putin said that Crimea became a part of the Russian Federation, and, “if we see a threat to our territory — but Crimea is our territory — we, as any nation will defend our territory at all costs”. The Russian leader refused to compare the incident with the Cuban missile crisis, saying that the world stood on the brink of nuclear catastrophe, but “here, thank God, to such a situation is not brought”.

On the question of whether the Russian military authority to open fire on the American battleship, Putin replied that “we always have permission to use available means of protection and defense of the Russian Federation”. However, he asked a question, what makes a destroyer off the coast of Crimea? At the same time, he called “Mature and responsible behaviour of the American captain, who did not aggravate the situation, did not provoke and bring the situation to the absurd to encounter.”

“This does not mean that “Donald cook” would be subjected to missile attack, Putin said, but they had to see that the coast is protected”.

Crimea reunited with Russia in 2014, according to the results of the referendum. Despite this, the Ukrainian authorities consider the region as its territory. Moscow claims that the annexation of Crimea took place in accordance with international law.