Prosecutors and investigators will check the complaint to Putin single mothers from Transbaikalia

The Prosecutor’s office of Zabaykalsky Krai will hold a preliminary examination after treatment of a local resident to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin during a straight line. On Thursday, June 15, reported on the Agency’s website.

“The audit will give a legal assessment to actions of officials responsible for the observance of the rights of affected people of the region, studied the circumstances of the situation. If there are grounds will be taken prosecutorial response,” reads the statement of the Prosecutor’s office.

The situation will test the investigative Department of the TFR in the region. In a statement the Agency notes that the woman interviewed, will conduct a survey of its housing and examine the necessary documents. It is emphasized that the investigators will give a legal assessment to actions of officials.

Earlier the woman said that after the fires, 2015, destroyed the house, the local government gave her the house appeared uninhabitable. She also noted that her daughter cannot go to school because of lack of registration.

The head of the administration Olovyanninskiy district of Zabaykalsky Krai Andrey Antoshkin denied the words of Putin have turned to women. He said that in fact the mother of one of the first victims of the fire received a refurbished apartment in the village Clear and gave her written consent. However, she later asked that she provided housing in Chita. Having been refused, the woman allegedly Packed up and left for the village rental. Antoshkin said that given the woman the apartment is empty, and the keys are kept by the housewife.