Network envy hitting the jackpot in the vending machine food

Network envy hitting the jackpot in the vending machine food

A Reddit user under the nickname rbards boasted an unexpected luck, which was waiting for him at the vending machine food. He was going to buy one product, but a vending machine by mistake gave him all the products at once.

The beat out the top resource. Post scored about three thousand comments. Users wrote that the buyer is extremely lucky, as most vending machines only take that amount, but do not give the goods. Some noticed that the machine sells only chips and warned the author of the publication from overeating harmful product.

Vending machine at work made an error and distributed everything all at once.

— Mildly Interesting (@interest_mild) 14 Jun 2017

The caused heated discussion in the Russian analogue of Reddit — an entertainment portal Pikabu. Users assumed that an error has occurred due to the fact that the device has processed and it was “just hysterical”. Others thought that all the matter in the ubiquitous “Russian hackers” breaking into the car.

“When even the machine wants you not lost weight by the summer” — ironically the visitors. Some people find it funny that the vending machine with potato chips called Healthy Wealthy Wise (“Healthy, wealthy, wise”).

Some gloated over the fact that the buyer just can’t open the lid due to the severity of the chips, while others shared their own stories about the sudden good fortune that befell them during the use of vending machines.

“At one of the last works glyuknul vending coffee machine with no money after clicking the button, silently pouring the selected drink. Two day the staff was happy about the freebie, while stocks are not exhausted,” — said the user under the name Dinozawr92.

“I am a girl decided to buy us a coke from the machine, it was worth 70 rubles. Put a hundred, I bought the Bank, get change 95, is repeated and yet is not over imported coke in the machine,” boasted helltommy.

Especially watchful Russian-speaking users warned lucky that if he takes all the chips at once, do not pay the entire cost, it can prosecute for theft.