In the United States will be charged the guards pugnacious Erdogan

In Washington plan Thursday, June 15, to press charges against a dozen security guards of the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who participated in the clashes during the official visit of the head of state in the American capital. It is reported by The New York Times.

The identities of the 24 participants of the fight. Four of them have been indicted. We are talking about two United States citizens and two Canadians.

The security staff of the Turkish leader and returned with him to Ankara. According to The Independent, if they return, they face arrest.

16 may during Erdogan’s visit to Washington at the residence of the Turkish Ambassador to the US clashed. According to The Guardian, the brawl was attended by the opponents of the current Turkish authorities and the guards of the President. Hürriyet Daily News reports that the clash occurred between supporters and opponents of Erdogan.

As a result, nine people injured, while two were seriously injured.

Turkish diplomatic mission in the United States accused in the incident of demonstrators, associated with the outlawed Turkey Kurdistan workers ‘ party (PKK).