In Japan adopted the law on the suppression of terrorist conspirators

Japanese lawmakers passed a law against conspirators and terrorists. On Thursday, June 15, reports BBC News.

In accordance with the new normative legal act will be considered a crime the planning and implementation of specified in the law 277 of the acts, including the raising of funds and survey of the territory for carrying out a terrorist act.

Also the responsibility can be held, the whole group of conspirators, if it turns out that a specific crime had planned only one of its members. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said that the new law will allow Tokyo to work closely with the international community to prevent terrorist attacks.

As the newspaper notes, is the new law a ban and less dangerous acts: for example, copying music, sit-in protest because of the construction of apartment houses, the use of counterfeit seals and even powerboat racing without a license or picking mushrooms in the reserves.

Critics, however, believe that the new measures open the way to abuses of the authorities, who will be able to establish surveillance of innocent people.