“First, I’m still working,” Putin answered a question about his successor

“First, I’m still working,” Putin answered a question about his successor

The head of state noted that he sees nothing wrong in formulating their own preferences regarding the future President of the country.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is not ashamed to indicate their preferences about his possible successor as head of state, but to call his name during the “Straight line” on Thursday, June 15, did not. To the question “Who will you leave behind?” Putin replied:

First, I’m still working.

And added that the new President, as well as heads of district or region should be determined only by the voter, the Russian people.

The Russian President noted that he himself once determined in this matter. “I do not see anything shameful to say that my preference is so-and-so formulated,” he said.

Putin said he is not against political longevity, if it is not against the law. “We know how are the political processes in other countries know the political old-timers, and it’s basically okay, if it is within the framework of democratic procedures and the current law”, — said the head of state. “We have a law in this sense, no one violated”, — he stressed.

Reporters asked him whether another direct line with President Vladimir Putin, or this last? “If there is some kind of line, it will be only video,” — said Putin on this.

On the question of what objectives should be addressed by the future President of Russia, Putin replied that the first and the most important of these tasks is to provide growth of incomes of citizens.

You need to get rid of poverty, you need to get rid of the barracks and dilapidated housing, but it can be done exclusively developing at the pace our economy.

Especially important Putin called the problem of productivity. “But this cannot be achieved without transition to the next technological mode, and here we need the digital economy, we need proper organization of work, here we need to make significant adjustments to administrative forms, and at the level of municipalities, regions and the whole country,” — said the head of state.

Thursday, June 15, Putin for four hours and answered questions during the fifteenth “Direct line with Vladimir Putin”. Traditional television straight lines appeared during Putin’s first term in December 2001.