Vladimir Putin congratulated Russians on Day of Russia


TV Center

According to tradition it is handed over in the Kremlin State awards.

Our country Sunday celebrates the main state holiday – Russia Day. 27 years ago, June 12, adopted a Declaration of sovereignty. With this important historic date for all citizens, congratulated Vladimir Putin, transfers “TV Center”.

“This holiday marks the age-old, continuing the path of our country. Achievements and victories, crucial stages, the continued ascent to new heights of development. The main merit in the revival of the country in the strengthening of the state always belongs to its citizens. All together we were able to preserve the unique diversity of the people of Russia, to prevent the neglect and devaluation of the principles of citizenship and patriotism, safely strengthen the sovereignty of their country, clearly define Russia’s national interests. We learned to stand, relying in particular on historical experience. And the integrity in the perception of Russia is our most important asset”, – said the head of state.

And on the 12th of June, Vladimir Putin handed out State awards. In art the winner was the ballet master Yuri Grigorovich. Also medals awarded Director of the Hermitage Mikhail Piotrovsky and composer Eduard Artemyev. He wrote the music for more than 140 Soviet and Russian films. For outstanding achievements in humanitarian activities marked the writer Daniil Granin. Him the award, the President handed over on 3 June in St. Petersburg. In science this year awards were given to representatives of the company “Surgut-Neftegaz” for the establishment of rational principles for the design of oil and gas fields in Siberia. Also the winners of the state prize were three cardiologists from around the world. They develop new drugs to treat arrhythmias that can conduct unique operations together are the authors of more than a hundred patents. State awards awarded to two astrophysicists.

“Today is traditionally held the solemn ceremony marks laureate of the State prize. It is always a special and impressive event. Because a high rating get extraordinary, remarkable, outstanding people. Their brilliant achievements have brought great benefit to the country. Deserve public recognition. Scientific and artistic creativity have a lot in common brings them together the desire for knowledge of the world to its harmonious transformation, science and culture open the richest opportunities of man and mankind in General, form in the society the values of patriotism, dignity, freedom, honor and decency”, – said Vladimir Putin.