Tillerson called for flexibility in the issue of new anti-Russian sanctions

Rex Tillerson

U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson said about the need for a flexible approach in relation to the introduction of new anti-Russian sanctions. Reported by the Associated Press.

Tillerson spoke at the hearings in the house of representatives on the introduction of new restrictive measures in respect of Moscow’s intervention in the American elections in 2016. The head of state noted that relations between the two countries are at the lowest level and continue to deteriorate.

In this regard, the Secretary of state warned the legislators from taking steps that could close the promising areas of cooperation between Moscow and Washington, particularly on the Syrian settlement.

Tillerson urged Congress to adopt a document that would give the President of the United States Donald Trump effective leverage on Russia if necessary.

Earlier, on 14 June, the press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov said that the intention of Congress to expand the list of restrictions against Russia may result in a new wave of mutual sanctions. “We would not like to again, we were in the peak of sanctions, but it is not our choice,” — said the official representative of the Kremlin.

Yesterday, 13 June became known the details of the proposed new anti-Russian sanctions. In the case of approval of the draft law us companies and individuals will not be allowed to lend to Russian banks for longer than 14 days. Currently, this period is 90 days.

It is also proposed to limit the terms of financing of the Russian power engineers. They will set the credit period of 30 days. The vote on the new restrictive measures will be held on Thursday, June 15.

The US impose on Russia responsible for a series of cyber attacks perpetrated during the election campaign against American political organizations. January 6 was published declassified version of the report prepared by the CIA, FBI and NSA, in which he argued that Russian President Vladimir Putin personally ordered to organize a campaign in order to influence U.S. elections and to achieve victory trump. Moscow regularly denies involvement in the cyber attacks.