The U.S. Congress unveiled a bill on new sanctions against Russia

The U.S. Congress unveiled a bill on new sanctions against Russia

WASHINGTON, 13 Dec — RIA Novosti. The U.S. Congress unveiled a bill on new sanctions against Russia. Under sanctions of the Russian banks may restrict financing period from 90 days to 14, to the document.

Companies and individuals from the USA will be banned “everyone deals with funding and other business relationships involving new debt for a period longer than 14 days.”

Under current restrictions, U.S. citizens and companies are forbidden to allocate to the Russian banks or the related legal entities the credits for term more than 90 days. All other transactions with them are allowed.

In addition, it is proposed to limit the terms of financing of the Russian power industry, which is under sanctions, up to 30 days.

The Senate is now considering several bills about restrictions against Russia with unclear chances for adoption. Senators John McCain and Ben Cardin proposed a bill on sanctions against defense and energy sectors of the economy.

Senators will vote for or against new measures on Thursday after a procedural vote on Wednesday. Then sanctions must be approved by the house of representatives, and after that — the White house.

Anti-Russian measures are being considered in the form of amendments to the bill on sanctions against Iran. In this document there is a provision that prevents the President of the United States Donald Trump to weaken or abolish the measures without congressional approval.

According to the press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov, the Kremlin is closely monitoring the situation with a possible strengthening of the U.S. sanctions, Moscow has a negative attitude to the discussion in the Senate of such measures.

The first U.S. sanctions imposed on Russia in 2014 amid the conflict in Ukraine. This year, many American politicians proposed to introduce new restrictive measures for “interference” in the elections in the United States, the investigation of which involved several committees and departments. While evidence that Moscow has somehow influenced the electoral process was provided.