The lioness had bitten the groom’s Stalker, protecting cubs

The lioness had bitten the groom’s Stalker, protecting cubs

In the Masai Mara in Kenya zoologists observed a tense chase scene a young lion, two lionesses and their cubs, which ended very unexpectedly.

A lone lion was stalking lionesses and two kids about an hour, then catch up with them, stopping and hiding in the grass. In the end, he crept up to one of the lionesses, which had intended to build long-term relationships. But the lioness refused a potential “spouse” in an aggressive manner — he attacked and bit him right on the nose, almost damaging the upper teeth to the eye.

Lioness bites a lone male in the face after it stalked her and her cubs in the hope of finding a mate

— Daily Mail Online (@MailOnline) 14 Jun 2017

Scene short the “battle” was shot by photographer Sarah white. She was on the scene due to the fact that lion wearing a collar with a tracking device. White told The Daily Mail that Leo had intended to subdue any female. However, adults usually lions kill existing cubs pride to create his pack.

“Males have to master your territory as soon as become older. However, the settlement of the young lions in Masai Mara occurs very early after 18 months, whereas in the wild requires 36 months,” white explained.

Lions- “teenagers” have little chance of winning the adult competition. This leads to the establishment of the elderly lions and savagery of the young.

“Usually adult males, wanting to reunite with the female, kill the cubs of a pride born from a former competitor, and build your pride. In this situation, we saw two cubs and two lionesses. The male chased them for about an hour. It was extremely tense. He caught up with them and grabbed one of the lionesses. But not giving up,” the photographer said.

When the female is scared of him, he changed tactics, continuing to move the group in the distance. It seemed that the cubs are doomed.

Later zoologists have discovered all under one of the trees they were resting in the shade together: lionesses, kittens and bitten by the male. Perhaps they will succeed to create a family without unnecessary casualties because the young people are forward-thinking.