The head of Uber has gone on vacation indefinitely

The head of Uber has gone on vacation indefinitely

He explained his decision by sorrow for the dead mother and the need to improve their leadership qualities.

Moscow. On 13 June. INTERFAX.RU — Head developer of the service to call the driver of Uber, Travis Kalanick decided to take a leave indefinitely. As reported by AP, this is what top Manager said in a letter sent to employees on Tuesday. He wrote that he needed time to survive the death of the mother. He also acknowledged that responsible position in the company, and he needs to improve his leadership skills.

A week ago, Uber announced a quarterly loss of $708 million and announced the resignation of the Treasurer. Since the founding in 2008, Uber has attracted about $15 billion of debt and equity financing. Of this amount, the company is about $7.2 billion — roughly the same as at the end of last year, as the company’s activities requires a huge investment.

Parents Kalanick at the end of may had an accident during boat trips, causing his mother died. Family Kalinikov sailed in a boat on a lake in Fresno California. They came across a stone and was injured. 71-year-old Bonnie Kalanick died, her husband Donald was in the hospital with serious injuries.

Last week, Uber has fired more than 20 people after an investigation of harassment. In addition, more than 30 people must undergo special training or consultation, and seven have received written warnings. Uber was subjected to intense criticism because of the attitude to women at work. Earlier this year a former employee Susan Fowler has published in his blog a story about sexual harassment and sexism in the company. In particular, she accused the management of ignoring women’s complaints of harassment.

After the scandalous publication, the company was launched two investigations. According to Bloomberg, during the investigation, Uber hired a law firm Perkins Coie has studied 215 complaints, including allegations of harassment and discrimination, and made no action for 100 of them. In another 57 cases, the investigation has not been completed. The second investigation is Uber hired former U.S. attorney General Eric holder.