Stars out of dissatisfaction with the trump reached 60%

Stars out of dissatisfaction with the trump reached 60%

WASHINGTON, June 14. /Offset. TASS Anton Cranks/. Stars out of dissatisfaction with U.S. President Donald trump has updated its maximum, rising by one percentage point, and reached 60%.

This is evidenced by published on Tuesday the results of a survey organized by the sociological service of Gallup International, which conducts research on a daily basis.

According to recent reports, the President is supported by only 36% of Americans. However, 60% of respondents expressed dissatisfaction with the President. As of Sunday, the ratio was 36% against 59%. At the same time on March 11, almost half of respondents — 45% — gave a positive assessment to the head of the White house.

The ratings of Democrats Barack Obama and bill Clinton, predecessors, trump never fell below 38% and 37%, respectively. The level of support for President George Bush once fell to 25%.

Experts stressed that trump is the only U.S. President whose rating of dissatisfaction for the first 4.5 months of stay in power has risen to 60%. Clinton the figure in the same period of time was 50%. Stars out of dissatisfaction with Obama has never been raised to 60%, but Bush achieved this in 2006.

The survey was attended by 1.5 thousand people, the error does not exceed 3%.

On Wednesday 14 June the White house was 71 years, and he will celebrate his first birthday as President of the United States.