More than 70 emergency departments have opened in Moscow since 2012

72 fire and rescue units were opened in the Moscow region over the past five years, said the head of the Main Department of EMERCOM of Russia across Moscow region Sergey Politikin. His words leads “Riama” on Wednesday, June 14.

According to Politykina, all new MOE units equipped with “the latest technology”, which allows to provide assistance to people involved in emergency situation in the region.

On 24 may, the Governor of Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov flew by helicopter fire stations in the East region, followed by a meeting with the heads of departments of the Ministry of emergency situations and forestry. He noted that it is necessary to remind residents about the rules of fire safety, including what not to build fires in the woods.

At the end of March in Moscow suburbs have passed doctrines of the Ministry of emergency situations on liquidation of consequences of flood. In the event were involved in 118 rescue workers and 36 pieces of equipment.