In Copenhagen re, the vandals poured paint over the statue of the little Mermaid

In Copenhagen re, the vandals poured paint over the statue of the little Mermaid

OSLO, June 14. /TASS/. Unknown poured blue and white paint of the famous bronze little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen. About it the local police said in his Twitter.

“Tonight the little Mermaid painted in white and blue, — is spoken in the message of the Danish law enforcement authorities. On the ground were the words “Free Abdul”. A few hours later, police announced that had completed the inspection of the scene and now the municipal services wash the statue from the paint.

Byrd-bruger Christian Lynnerup var lynhurtig fangede og fantastiske billeder af #DenLilleHavfrue blive spulet ren. #BefriAbdulle #Hærværk

— Byrd (@hellofrombyrd) 14 Jun 2017

It should be noted that this is the second time in the last couple of weeks, when the statue dedicated to the character of the fairy tale of Hans Christian Andersen is exposed to attacks of vandals.

30 may she was doused with red paint, presumably the defenders of animals, who oppose the slaughter of pilot whales (black dolphins) in the Faroe Islands. On pictures placed on the website of the Danish newspaper Politiken, it is clear that the area of asphalt next to the statue with red paint is written the phrase: “Denmark to defend whales in the Faroe Islands”.

The statue, installed in the Danish capital in 1913, has repeatedly been the victim of vandals.

Twice, in 1964 and in 1984, she has sawed off the head, and the first time the missing part of the sculpture was never found and had to make a new one. In 1998 he lost, but then found a bronze hand sculpture, and in 2003 the unknown with explosives pushed the 175-pound statue, with its stone pedestal.

The city authorities repeatedly addressed the proposal to move the statue a few metres inside the harbour, blocking access to it from land, however, this initiative has not received approval.

#DenLilleHavfrue her til morgen er blevet smurt ind i maling. Video fanget af @cnthiesen #BefriAbdulle

— Byrd (@hellofrombyrd) 14 Jun 2017