Found the main symptom of loneliness

Found the main symptom of loneliness

American psychologists have come to the conclusion that loneliness increases egocentrism. A study published in the journal of Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, briefly about it, reports EurekAlert!

Experts also found the presence of positive feedback. While loneliness increases the self-centeredness, the second also has an impact on the first, although not as badly.

To such conclusions scientists have come, watching from 2002 to 2013 229 people aged 50 to 68 years. Study participants were selected randomly, they all belonged to different nationalities and socio-economic groups.

According to the authors, the loneliness is the way by which a person can perform their social skills. Experts believe that modern society is in the short term protects people’s desire to be alone, whereas in the long triggers the deterioration of health and well-being of such people.

Experts believe that in order to prevent the loneliness of a person, it is possible first of all to pay attention to its individual characteristics, in particular, tending to be self-centered positions on certain socially significant issues.