“Direct line” with the President: agenda, records, bright quotes

“Direct line” with the President: agenda, records, bright quotes

On June, 15th Vladimir Putin for the 15th time, will answer questions of Russians.

June 15 will host the annual “direct line” with Russian President Vladimir Putin. It will be broadcast on the air “the First channel” “Russia 1” “Russia 24” and radio stations “Mayak”, “Vesti FM” and “Radio of Russia”.

“Direct line” will take place for the 15th time. Already, the number of requests received by the data center, exceeded one million. Given the increased interest of citizens to the event, the deadline for questions has been increased: previously, applications were accepted during the week, but this year the centre will operate for 11 days, until the completion of the “straight line”.

What worries Russians

The greatest number of popular questions, as in previous years, to the social sphere. Among the priority issues were housing and utilities, quality of roads and the fight against corruption, the level of salaries, pensions, benefits and mortgages. A lot of attention paid to the renovation of the housing stock. One of the citizens asked why the government’s program aims at the elevation of Moscow and does not affect other cities, such as St. Petersburg.

Questions are also devoted to the foreign policy of the state, in particular the Ukrainian crisis. The people of Russia who have left friends and relatives in Ukraine, I ask, how long will last the foreign policy conflict, are interested in solutions to the problem, and complain about the ban on Russian social networks in that state.

The center receives many requests from the regions. Residents of Novosibirsk and Vsevolozhsk asked the President to take control of the situation with preschool institutions, citizens living in the Karelian town Medvezhyegorsk, to solve the problem of unemployment, and residents of the village of Kandry and the village of Black Dirt to repair the road.

The Russians also curious personal life of the President. They wonder what the President prefers music genres, I want to know about his favorite school subjects, as well as interested in, if he went in his time in the camps.

“System requirements the line” in figures

The first program was held December 24, 2001: Vladimir Putin answered 47 questions, and the broadcast lasted 2 hours and 20 minutes. Over the years the numbers grew.

If in 2001, Putin was addressed to a total of 400 thousand questions, by 2015 their number exceeded a record 3.25 million Over the past five years a list of popular topics has not been changed. The greatest interest of Russians from year to year, focused on the problems in the housing sector. This is followed by the protection of the rights and freedoms of the individual, internal and external policy of the state, labour and wages. Completing the list of the topics of industry, construction, health and the fight against corruption.

The average “straight line” lasts 3.5−4 hours. The record for the duration of a programme was set in 2011, when Vladimir Putin in the status of the Prime Minister conversed with the citizens 4 hours 32 minutes.

Bright sayings — 2016

Last year, the program duration was 3 hours and 40 minutes. Putin was asked to 2.83 million questions during the broadcast, he managed to answer 80 of them.

On the state reserves

“If at all to stop doing, really, to stop all work, as they say, awl in the wall, then four months to live and nothing is done, the country may stand still for four months and will continue to exist”.

About the state of the economy

“The Russian economy is now a gray bar. The situation has not improved, but the trend is positive. The decline in GDP amounted to 3.7%. This year, the government believes that we will remain in a slump, but only 0.3%. And next year is expected to increase 1.4 percent”.

The growth of utility tariffs

“We have long been accepted law that if the total family income is such that more than 22% is spent on housing, they have the right to compensation. Today, its get 30 million Russian citizens. As for the overhaul: many people are rightly angry about this field. The needs of the industry are large. 1 billion sq. m of living area are in urgent need of repair. And we are in the year of repair while only 50-70 million.”

The enemies of Russia

“We need to strike first of all on the road and sloppiness in the broadest sense of the word. And if we do it well and effectively, will achieve the result, then our Armed forces will be truly invincible and the best in the world. Will be what we wanted to see, namely, compact, not expensive and modern.”

About Barack Obama

“Recognition of Obama’s mistakes in Libya once again proves that he is a decent person. To say it was difficult. For this you need courage. That’s good. But the bad thing is that a series of errors continues. It is still unknown what the outcome of the situation in Syria. However, in recent time we have managed to build up the situation in a positive way”.

About my personal life

“Lyudmila Alexandrovna sometimes seen. She’s all right. She’s happy with my life. I’m his too. Do I need to bring the issue to the fore, I do not know. The people elected the President, in order to make it work. I understand your interest, but this is not a fundamental issue. I hope that someday will satisfy curiosity.”