Chinese woman out of curiosity opened the emergency exit of the plane before takeoff

Chinese woman out of curiosity opened the emergency exit of the plane before takeoff

BEIJING, June 14 — RIA Novosti, Zhanna Manukyan. Passenger aircraft airlines Xiamen Air, who was preparing for departure from Beijing capital international airport, out of curiosity opened the emergency exit that led to the cancellation of the flight, reported Chinese media.

According to the China News Agency, the incident occurred on June 12 at the Beijing international airport.

The representative of the airline, Xiamen Air told reporters that on 12 June at about 11.30 am local time MF8118 flight from Beijing to Xiamen ready to go. After the passengers took their seats, the flight attendant conducted the necessary instructions to the passengers who sat in the 48th row at the emergency exit, explaining that “in a normal situation don’t need to touch the handle of the emergency exit.”

At this point, the passenger who sat in the 49th row, near the window, pulled the emergency lever. Police arrested a woman for 12 days, and the flight had to be cancelled.

It is reported that the passenger, after hearing that the handle of the emergency exit can be touched only in cases of emergency, decided to try to do it “in normal situations”. According to the representative of the airline, the woman was curious to see what happens if “pulling the handle which cannot be touched”.

At the time of the incident on Board were 113 people, which had to be transplanted to other flights. It is reported that despite the fact that the ladder was not damaged, the minimum cost of repair will be about 100 thousand yuan (about 14.7 thousand dollars). Experts say that the passenger should also compensate for economic damage.

Une passagère déploie le toboggan d’un avion (B752/B-2869) de Xiamen Air – @crashaerien

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