Astronomers assumed that the Sun was a star twin

Astronomers assumed that the Sun was a star twin

Most sunlike stars in the Universe are born in pairs.

To such conclusion scientists from the University of California at Berkeley, analyzed data radioassay dust clouds in the constellation of Perseus.

During the review, they were able to detect a range of young stars of age more than half a million years old and those whose age does not exceed 1 million years.

Of these, 45 were single stars, 19 double and five — with a large number of components.

Only one model of star formation, developed by scientists, could match the observed results, one in which all stars are born from gas and dust clouds in pairs. Based on this, scientists have suggested that the Sun was also formed along with the star twin, which after billions of years moved away from him and mingled with the other stars in the nearest region of the galaxy.

“In accordance with our hypothesis, single low-mass stars like the Sun are not primary. They are the result of the destruction of binary systems,” explained Steven Staler, the author of the article accepted for publication in the journal MNRAS.