WP: Russian hackers have learned to shut down US cities

WP: Russian hackers have learned to shut down US cities

MOSCOW, June 13. /TASS/. Dragos American firm specializing in information security, came to the conclusion that the Russian developers have created a program capable of stopping the operation of the computers responsible for the grid of American cities. This was announced on Monday, the Washington Post (WP).

According to her, a malicious program may be detected by CrashOverride in energy system and power off for a period of from several hours to several days. The program penetrates into computer system quietly and then begins to work simultaneously in several points. According to Dragos, a virus previously used Russian hackers to attack on the energy system of Ukraine.

It is anticipated that modifications CrashOverride can be successfully used against US systems. From the report Dragos, it follows that allegedly working for the Russian government hackers in recent years the interest in energy and other engineering systems of the United States. The company’s specialists warn that such an attack would be a “turning point” in the development of cyberspace.

The Ministry of homeland security declined to comment on the report Dragos, notes the WP.

Speculation about hackers, allegedly operating at the behest of Russia, began to appear regularly in American and European media after in July of last year on the website of the organization WikiLeaks published the electronic correspondence kidnapped from the National Committee of the US Democratic party. The country’s intelligence agencies issued a statement that cyber attacks on the political organizations of the United States stood Moscow. Russia itself not just at the highest level denied the speculations about his intervention in the political process in the United States.