There is no registration — no pills. Patients Federal AIDS centre will have to seek help in regions

There is no registration — no pills. Patients Federal AIDS centre will have to seek help in regions

About thousands of HIV-infected patients Federal center for prevention and fight against AIDS of the CPS (located in Moscow), including most of the non-resident will not be able from August 2017 to get there medications.

In the disposal of “b” is the letter of the Ministry of health, which States that the CPS has no authority through the health security of citizens. The patients of the center are not guaranteed to be able to count on the support of the Moscow city centre for AIDS control (MHZ AIDS) where they are directed to the Federal AIDS center.

According to the response of the Department of health of Moscow on the request of the head of Rospotrebnadzor, MHZ AIDS has the right to refuse to nonresidents in attachment.

“We are being denied drugs, — told “Kommersant” a senior researcher at the Federal AIDS center Natalia Ladnaya, noting that the preparations will end in August 2017.— Our doctors redirect patients to outpatient observation at the place of residence or in the Moscow city center.”

“Some of our patients — the Russians without a residence permit, that is, without fixed abode, their final destination is unclear,” said Ms. fine. On dispensary observation in the centre are 1.2 thousand patients on ARV therapy receive the 989 people. As noted earlier, the lady well (see “Kommersant” on March 3), the Federal centre there are patients from far regions of Russia — from the Far East, the Urals, from Siberia.

The Ministry of health at the end of may was sent to the CPS letter (“b” signed by the first Deputy Minister of health Igor Kagramanyan), in which he said that the provision on the Federal service (approved by decree of the Russian government in 2004) “does not define the powers of the organization of medical care and not placed on the CPS functions at the health security of citizens”.

The letter noted: the budget of the Russian Federation in 2017, there is no provision in the CPS the activities of its subordinate organizations providing medical care. The health Ministry noted that the Federal AIDS center did not submit when applying for a drugs is the proof that his patients are not observed in the medical organizations at the place of residence. As reported by “Kommersant” a source familiar with the situation, the research Institute of Rospotrebnadzor “there are several requirements of regulatory authorities on this issue”.

“It is rather strange to deny the drugs organization, which for 30 years worked on the methodology for the treatment of HIV infection in Russia, — has noticed in conversation with “Kommersant” the head of the Federal AIDS centre Vadim Pokrovsky.— We were the first to treat HIV in 1987. We have a license for medical activity”.

According to him, the centre will continue to provide free Advisory services to people with HIV, but “the question is, where will they get the medicine and whether to receive them remains.”

At the disposal of “Kommersant” was the response of the Department of health of Moscow on the request of the head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova (signed by the head of Department Alexey Khripun).

The Department recalls that under current law, the “medical care of HIV-infected people is in territorial AIDS centers (at the place of permanent registration.— “Kommersant”)”. The Department reports: the need of the Federal center of AIDS drugs were considered in the application of the Department of health of Moscow, but the Russian government decree from December 28, 2016 (the”About the statement of regulations about the organization ensure that persons living with HIV, ARVs”) does not provide for the transferability of health Ministry bought drugs from the subject of the Russian Federation in the establishment of the CPS.

The letter indicated that the treatment of nonresident HIV-infected for registration with the MHZ speed “the Commission considers, taking into account the objective circumstances that do not allow persons who are temporarily staying on the territory of Moscow, observed at the place of residence”. Now at the dispensary in MHZ AIDS are 1087 the outside of Moscow, 51% of them receiving ARV therapy.

According to the estimates of Mr. Pokrovsky, the total number of HIV-infected foreigners in the capital can be up to 20 thousand people.

In Department remind that those who had previously been denied treatment in an urban centre, appealed to the court: “All the applicants had been refused satisfaction of the claim, confirming legitimacy of the legal position of the Department of health indicates the absence of violations of citizens ‘rights in case of refusal of attachment”. The Department suggest that “in the case of the legislative recognition algorithm for the redistribution of drugs for non-resident patients of the drug can be transferred by the Department in subjects of the Russian Federation”.

The health Ministry, “Kommersant” said that the problem with drug provision of patients without permanent registration in the region should be resolved when the full force earns Federal register of patients with HIV.

Valeria Mishina