The number of parks in the suburbs will be doubled

In the Moscow region to 2021 and will feature nearly 170 parks. This was announced by the Minister of culture of the region Oksana Kosareva on Tuesday, June 13, “Interfax”.

“Today we are 50 per cent reached the standard (in terms of the population parks — approx. “Of the”), we 82 the Park. 86 parks in 36 municipalities we have to do,” she said at the seminar the regional branch of “United Russia”.

Four years later, parks should be in all settlements with a population of over 30 thousand people, said Kosarev. In 2014 there were only 25, said the official.

The Minister of culture also said that in the suburbs do not have enough parks. “Five forest parks is very small given the number of forest Fund of Moscow region, she said. — This is a resource that is poorly used, while its use is possible and necessary”.

The Governor Andrei Vorobyov during a speech at the seminar stressed that the development of rest areas is a priority for the region. “The suburbs are very popular from the point of view of recreation and rest,” he said.

On 6 June it was reported that authorities in the region will be equipped with Wi-Fi hotspots 19 parks. A day earlier it became known that this year’s new parks and recreation will appear in nine municipalities of the Moscow region, including in Monino and Pushkino.