The media told how to recognize in the head of a psychopath

The media told how to recognize in the head of a psychopath

Although only a specialist should determine whether a person is a psychopath, the media published the list of symptoms by which readers could recognize the danger to their colleagues or superiors.

Psychopaths must be sadistic motives and intentions. Boss-psychopath from just a strict head is distinguished by the fact that the psychopath only motivates subordinates through intimidation, writes the Independent, citing experts in this field.

On the other hand, psychopaths are masters of communication. They are excellent interviewees who can make a good compliment or present yourself in the best light, to tell “unlikely but convincing” story.

They consider themselves navel of the earth, and perceive others only as tools. Their self-confidence is unable to shake even strong evidence. Explicitly or implicitly, but psychopaths are praising themselves constantly.

And they are pathological liars. Once they start lying they can’t stop. And they don’t care if a lie will be revealed — psychopaths just compose a new one.

Sociopaths believe that the rules do not apply to them, lead a parasitic lifestyle and are cunning manipulators who can convincingly mimic normal emotions but not experience them. Psychopaths are alien to the sense of guilt or pangs of conscience. They were often bored, they are incredibly violent.

In the childhood of psychopaths, most likely, had problems with behavior and growing up, they become inclined either to promiscuity or short the marriage relationship.