The media learned about the next visit of Rodman in KDNR

Dennis Rodman

American basketball player Dennis Rodman intends to visit the DPRK. On Monday, June 12, according to CNN.

According to sources, the channel among the authorities of the DPRK, the player needs to arrive in Pyongyang on Tuesday. The purpose of the visit by Rodman to North Korea is not called.

CNN also reported that the athlete was spotted at the Beijing airport. To answer the questions of the TV channel, he refused.

Dennis Rodman’s career as a basketball player in 2006. In March 2013, the athlete visited North Korea and took part in a gala dinner with the country’s leader Kim Jong-UN. During a recent trip to the DPRK in January 2014, he participated in the match, organized for birthday of the leader of the country. After returning from Korea he went to the clinic on the East coast of the United States to undergo treatment for alcoholism.

Despite criticism from the American press and human rights defenders, Rodman maintains contact with Kim Jong-UN, calling him a friend, and visits to North Korea considers it part of “basketball diplomacy.” At the same time, the athlete emphasizes that policy issues do not interest him.