The mayor of Rome asked not to let in the city of migrants

VA Raja

The mayor of Rome VA Raja asked the Ministry of internal Affairs of Italy not to send to the capital of migrants. About it reports The Local.

“I believe that it is impossible to erect an additional structure for the reception of refugees, moreover, it is even dangerous,” explained Raja, citing a strong migrant presence in the city and a steady stream of foreign nationals. She requested a moratorium on new refugees.

According to the authorities, as of 1 January 2016 in Rome lived a little more than 364 thousand foreigners, or 12.7 percent of the total population. More than half of them — Europeans, it takes people from Romania (23.2 percent). The evaluation of the Italian Ministry of Finance, the country annually spends on refugee reception $ 3.3 billion.

On 15 may it became known that one of the major Italian centres for the admission of migrants for 10 years, was controlled by the mafia. Then one night the police arrested 68 people accused of links with the mafia, extortion, illegal weapons possession, fraud, embezzlement and theft.