The investigators found an Arsenal of weapons in the barn hand in Kratovo

The investigators found an Arsenal of weapons in the barn hand in Kratovo

In the shed arrow from Kratovo found three rifles, among them Japanese rifle “Arisaka”, and a submachine gun, grenades, mines and pistols. Investigators also found two suicide notes from men.

Investigators discovered an Arsenal of weapons and ammunition in the shed Igor Zenkov, who in the evening of 10 June, shot four people in Kratovo not far from Moscow. Details of the investigation of this criminal case is published on the website of the Investigative Committee of Russia (TFR).

Under the rubble of the burned home, investigators found three rifles.

Including — Japanese rifle during the First and Second world wars “Arisaka” American “Peabody Martini” and a Russian Mosin rifle.

Also in the shed found a signal pistol “Walter”, a sawed-off double barrel shotgun, submachine gun Shpagina, as well as grenades, several mines, shops, and shells from the artillery.

Investigators have suspended the examination of the ashes. Law enforcement officials questioned the neighbors, who claim that they have no conflicts with the shooter. It has received no complaints.

Investigators found two suicide notes Zenkova, their contents have not been disclosed in the interests of the investigation. To determine the causes of the incident, the investigators will conduct a post-mortem psychological and psychiatric examination arrow.

SK reported that during the shooting Zenkov used the weapons of old samples. Some of the weapons the assailant brought back from a trip to Chechnya. The man did not have permission to possess firearms.

Previously TASS citing a source in law enforcement bodies has reported that in the things of a man was found a suicide note in which the author complained about the complicated relationships with its neighbors. The consequence will to conduct the examination of handwriting.

The operation to apprehend the shooter in Kratovo lasted several hours. During her four fighters of special forces were injured.