The head of the FBC was arrested for 10 days for the agreed action 12 Jun

The head of the FBC was arrested for 10 days for the agreed action 12 Jun

Petty-bourgeois court of Moscow arrested Roman Rubanov, who heads the Fund of struggle against corruption and carried out on June 12 agreed with the authorities of the rally on Sakharov Avenue, for 10 days, finding him guilty of disobeying the police, the correspondent of Russian service Bi-bi-si from the courtroom.


According to the materials of the case, Rubanov detained for dereliction of duty by the organizer. The police believed that he prevented the holding of the meeting, and after repeated demands, not allowed to speak to those who came to him. Protection Rubanova has promised to appeal the decision.

“You have seen, we have provided satisfactory evidence of my innocence, — said the Russian service Bi-bi-si Rubanov after the verdict. — Apparently, the judge had a solution yesterday, and the result was determined.”

Error in Protocol

The hearing was postponed several times: the judge of the Meshchansky court Elena Karakeshishian twice the documents were returned due to errors. Most Rubanov after he was taken to court, had to go back to the police station to obtain a new copy of the Protocol.

In the end, which had been drawn up on the Director of FCO Protocol appeared changes, which, according to the lawyers, the judge behind closed doors and discussed with the staff of bodies of internal Affairs. Defenders Rubanova at these meetings is not allowed.

In this regard, at the beginning of the meeting, the head of legal Department at FBK Ivan Zhdanov sought to recuse the judge in connection with her “personal interests”. The judge has refused.

The lawyers demanded the summons of witnesses, including police officers and heads of Department of regional security of Moscow Vladimir Chernikov. The petition was rejected.

In the process, the advocates noticed that they have issued documents present contradictions. So, in the new copies of the record, which side Rubanova Tuesday got to the police station, there was no signature opposite the name of one of the witnesses. The materials with which lawyers with the permission of the judges have read in the courtroom, this signature appeared.

According to the lawyer of Veronica zhdanovoj, who was present during the drafting of the first Protocol June 12, initially, the document does not say about the presence of any witnesses.

The judge during the trial agreed to enter into evidence the video recording of any corrections to the minutes of that police officer from the police station Krasnosel’skaya, where on 12 June brought Rubanov, made on the bench right in the corridor of the court. Later a policewoman who was presented by Galina Vasilievna, was summoned to testify.

Police major, answering the judge’s questions, explained the error with signatures that an employee of the police Department, the Intern could make a copy of the Protocol, pending its correction. While in conversation with lawyers, she acknowledged that the witnesses had made a signature in a Protocol without the presence Rubanova and a copy of the latest version of the document, the Director of the FBK is not signed. In addition, when presenting the new copies were not explained to him right.

The policewoman could not clearly say when and what changes she made to the Protocol. In addition, it failed to explain why the document stated that it was made around 14:30, at the same time, according to the explanation of one of the security officers, at 14:30 Rubanova held on Sakharov.

After talking with the employee OVD lawyer Veronika Polyakova first asked to exclude the Protocol from the case, and then demanded to cease production. The judge who actively participated in the interrogation of employee of the police to do so refused.

The arrest of Sakharov

In the presence of the judge, the participants in the process viewed the record of detention of the Director of the FBC. The disc transferred by the police, failed to look at the judicial computer, just without sound. Has attached to the case and the record provided by the lawyers. The video, which was reproduced with the sound, was filmed detention Rubanova while performed on stage with the lawyer Violetta Volkova.

During his explanation, the Director of the FBK explained that, in accordance with the agreed order the city hall, the procession Sakharov was scheduled to begin at 14:30 and the meeting at 15:00. In this presentation not known to him on the stage began early, and the police to ensure that the agreed order refused.

According to Rubanova, all the time that he was on Sakharov Avenue, he was standing near the sound equipment and could not physically prevent someone to come up on stage. Director of the FBK also noticed that he couldn’t find out on whose authority the site has set the stage and sound.

Ivan Zhdanov in his speech thanked the judge. According to him, the meeting was really studied all the evidence and questioned the police officer. “There are processes we have not seen since 2008,” said the lawyer.

The decision the judge took about two hours.

The action in Day of Russia

June 12 at the Sakharov Avenue rally, agreed with the Moscow authorities. Director of the FBK it was formally organized. In addition to the Protocol of disobeying the police, it drew up a Protocol on violation of the order of the meeting.

Anti-corruption rally organized by supporters of Alexei Navalny, the night before the action was brought on Tverskaya street. The decision of the organizers explained that the authorities prevented to set the stage and sound equipment at the site Sakharov. Rubanov noted that he does not know where equipment is still there at the rally.

In the end, the uncoordinated action on Tverskaya street came about 5 thousand protesters, over 700 people were arrested. On Sakharov Avenue, according to police, gathered 1,800 people, including opponents of capital program renovation. Some of them also detained.