The Federal penitentiary service confirmed the death in a colony of the defendant in the case about the murder of Politkovskaya

The Federal penitentiary service confirmed the death in a colony of the defendant in the case about the murder of Politkovskaya

According to some reports, sentenced to life imprisonment Lom-Ali Gaytukaeva had serious health problems.

Moscow. On 13 June. INTERFAX.RU — IN the Vologda region in the colony number 5 died Lom-Ali gaitukayev, convicted of involvement in the murder of journalist Anna Politkovskaya, reported “Interfax” in a press-service regional UFSIN.

“Yes, it’s true. He (Lom-Ali gaitukayev — if) died”, — told the chief a press-services UFSIN of the Vologda region Inna Macedonian.

According to informed sources, gaitukayev suffered from chronic disease.

Previously in “Novaya Gazeta,” where Politkovskaya worked, said that he heard of the death Gaytukaeva from the media and verify this information. Deputy chief editor Sergei Sokolov said that he knew about the health problems of the convict. “According to our information, he had serious problems with internal organs, and he constantly plied between the colony for life-term prisoners and the prison hospital,” — said Sokolov.

Commenting on suggestions of relatives Gaytukaeva that he died from his injuries, salgareda “Novaya Gazeta” did not rule out such a scenario. “Information from the colonies for life-term prisoners virtually never happens, but to exclude anything it is impossible”, — he said. According to him, it is known that even before the verdict gaitukayev had serious conflicts with criminal authorities.

The murder of Politkovskaya

The observer of “Novaya Gazeta” Anna Politkovskaya was murdered on 7 October 2006 in her apartment building in Moscow, on Lesnaya street. Murder with robbery or domestic violence was declared insolvent, and the main version of the crime was the professional activity of Politkovskaya.

In October 2011, the main accusation in the murder of Politkovskaya was brought against Lom-Ali Gaitukaev, the brothers Jabrail and Ibrahim Makhmudov, and Sergei hadzhikurbanova. According to investigators, in July 2006 gaitukayev received from unidentified persons the order for the murder of the journalist. As consider law enforcement bodies, gaitukayev and Khadzhikurbanov were the organizers of the crime, and Ibragim and Dzhabrail Makhmudov conducted surveillance of Politkovskaya, Rustam Makhmudov was the direct perpetrator of the murder.

The Moscow city court on 14 December 2012 sentenced former police officer Dmitry Pavlyuchenkova to 11 years in strict regime colony for the organization of murder of the journalist. He fully admitted his guilt, made a deal with the investigation and testified against other defendants in the case, becoming a key witness for the prosecution.

The Moscow city court on 9 June 2015 appointed Gaitukaev and Rustam Mahmudov penalty of life imprisonment, Ibrahim Mahmudov — 12, Jabrail Mahmudov — 14 years (later the Supreme court reduced the sentence to six months) and former police officer Sergei Hadzhikurbanov — 20 years of imprisonment with serving in a colony of strict regime. The customer of murder to install and failed.