The day of Russia the opposition rally on Sakharov and detention in Tver

The day of Russia the opposition rally on Sakharov and detention in Tver

MOSCOW, June 12 — RIA Novosti. The opposition action in day of Russia were held in two locations in the center of Moscow, one of the rallies on Sakharov Avenue — it was agreed the city authorities, brought together about 1.8 thousand participants and was held, according to police and observers, quietly, but uncoordinated action on Tverskaya street ended with the detention of a hundred people.

The rally on Sakharov Avenue

In Moscow on Monday was agreed a protest rally on Prospekt Akademika Sakharova. According to the latest data of the interior Ministry of the capital, and was attended by about 1.8 thousand people, although the organizers applied for 15 thousand. The head of Moscow regional security Department Vladimir Chernikov told RIA Novosti that the meeting took place peacefully and without incident. The interior Ministry also said the lack of substantial violations in the course of this meeting.

The mayor’s office earlier agreed to the request of the Director of Fund of struggle against corruption (FBK) of the Novel Rubanov to hold a rally on Sakharov Avenue, in rejecting an identical claim of the founder FBK Alexei Navalny because of his violations of the same stock.

On the eve of Navalny urged people to change their place of coordinated action on Tverskaya street, referring to the obstacles in the stage equipment and install the necessary sound equipment for the rally on Sakharov Avenue.

The head of the Moscow Department of regional security, in turn, called the bluff is the statement of the opposition about the alleged interference of the authorities of Moscow to install the speakers. At the same time, passed the correspondent of RIA Novosti from the scene of the campaign, at a rally at the intersection of Sakharov Avenue from the Garden ring, the scene was set and speakers.

In a press-service gumvd across Moscow has informed that the Metropolitan police intend to prevent any provocative actions of the protesters, if they decide to go with an agreed platform on Sakharov Avenue on Tverskaya street, where the festivities in day of Russia.

Unauthorized rally on Tverskaya

However, uncoordinated action on Tverskaya street in Moscow, according to the interior Ministry, was attended by about 4.5 thousand people. The event was delayed more than 150 participants. “For violations of public order in the bodies of internal Affairs for investigation delivered more than 150 people,” — said the official representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Irina Volk.

Earlier in the day was detained Navalny, who yesterday urged people to change their place of coordinated action on Tverskaya street, where the festival took place, a political meeting was not agreed. The mayor’s office then called the appeals provocation, and the Prosecutor’s office reminded of the responsibility for such actions.

According to the interior Ministry in the capital, Navalny was detained for calling for participation in an unsanctioned rally in Central Moscow, which is a repeated violation of article of the administrative code, as well as for disobedience to law enforcement.

Not done in the course of the action and no casualties — Riot policeman received burns to the eyes after the participant of an unauthorized action sprayed pepper spray, the attacker is detained, have informed in a press-service of Regardie.

“In the course of performing tasks on protection of a public order in the capital suffered by the employee OMON of the main Department of Regardie in Moscow. Unknown, participating in an unsanctioned rally on Pushkin square, sprayed in the face by members of the riot police pepper spray, causing the victim received burns to the eyes”, — stated in the message.

Before the end of the uncoordinated actions suddenly in the flower bed, where the protesters stood, thundered cotton. As the correspondent of RIA Novosti, someone lit a firecracker and threw it on the ground. From cotton the protesters ran helter-skelter, but noticing that their life and health threatens nothing, returned to bed.

Violators and observers

Chernikov in turn, noted that this unauthorized action was the point of detention “those provocateurs who tried to behave inappropriately in the crowd.” He explained that he had detained those people who shouted slogans and climbed on design. According to the head of the Moscow Department of regional security, the attempt of the organizers to stage a provocation failed.

“Calm the situation at the moment in Tver. I believe that the attempt of provocation has failed and failed from the organizers. People walk — they have a holiday. They will walk for a long time. And those who tried to ruin it, they left the territory of the event,” — said Chernikov.

A member of the Public chamber of Russia Georgy Fedorov told RIA Novosti, which was among those detained at an unsanctioned rally in Central Moscow. “On Pushkin square was standing, doing nothing, just took pictures, talked to people. Ran, was detained in a paddy wagon (put),” said Fyodorov, RIA Novosti reported.

According to the activist, after the detention he was taken to OMVD of Russia on area of Nagatino-Sadovniki, where he was interviewed. “I wrote the explanation that I was just an observer, I participated… I Can tell right away that if I have questions to detention, the police and the Riot police… inside the ATC people are polite,” said a member of the OP.

Fedorov also added that assesses the actions of the police officers in the Department as humane in relation to detainees, however, the explanations about the cause of his detention he received. Currently a member of the OP have already been released by law enforcement authorities.


The presidential Council on human rights (HRC), which has sent observers to the meetings, again criticized the involvement of young people in uncoordinated protests. A member of the HRC Kirill Kabanov, watching the opposition rally noted a trend of attracting young people to participate in uncoordinated action on Tverskaya street, as it was during the campaign on March 26; on Sakharov Avenue, where they held a consistent rally, the situation, according to him, calm.

Earlier, the members of the HRC have expressed concern about appearing in social networks appeals to pupils and students to participate in protests and emphasized the inadmissibility of the political exploitation of children.

In turn, Executive Secretary of the HRC Yana Lantratova also acted as a public observer of the Council, said that the participants of an unauthorized rally on Tverskaya street in Moscow ignored the previously-agreed place of the meeting and provoked a stampede while on an opposition rally at Prospekt Akademika Sakharova everything was peaceful, no provocations from the stage participating in turn has expressed its position.

The first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on state construction and legislation Vyacheslav Lysakov (“United Russia”) believes that Navalny calls out the uncoordinated action in Moscow is a political provocation.

“When a person urges not to go for a sanctioned rally, and to make violation of the law, he thereby engaged in political provocations and in fact, the role of the priest Gapon takes over”, — told RIA Novosti Lysakov.

According to him, this is done intentionally to “cause conflict with power structures and thus to create an information occasion”. “Just a cheap political move,” — said the MP.

However, he believes that the legislation of the Russian Federation provides sufficient punishment for incitement to participate in unauthorized actions. “We have enough serious responsibility provides for administrative and criminal if the actions of citizens or individual citizen go beyond the Criminal code,” — said the Deputy.