The court refused compensation complained on a cold Turkish sea tourists

Sverdlovsk regional court dismissed the two tourists from Severouralsk, which filed a lawsuit against the travel agent because of the cold sea and the disadvantages of the hotel during your vacation in Turkey. About it reports “Russian newspaper”.

The reason for the complaints of the Russians became the mission in 2015. The girls bought a tour to Egypt, however, because of the attack on Sinai the hospital in the Arab country was closed. Target offered the traveler a holiday in Turkey, offsetting them almost nine thousand rubles for a three-night stay at the hotel.

On vacation it turned out that the hotel is on the second line, and a safety Deposit box in the room on request. In addition, according to tourists, the complex worked only one restaurant and bar closed at 23:30.

In addition, the traveler complained that the hotel didn’t have enough staff, and the first three days in the hotel and does not work. As evidence, they provided the court with photographs of the complex.

In response, the agent filed a counter claim, demanding to collect from one of the travelers underpaid the contract amount.

The court ultimately sided with the company, finding that the girls had when planning a trip to imagine the difference in temperature between Egypt and Turkey.

In addition, tourists had to pay the required agent amount, and also to pay court costs.

In the fall of 2015 a passenger plane crashed in the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt as a result of the attack. On Board were 224 people, mostly Russians. After that, Moscow has suspended flights between the two countries and demanded to strengthen security measures in the air harbors of the Arab Republic.