Russia has brought the second criminal case after the meeting on 12 June

Russia has brought the second criminal case after the meeting on 12 June

In St. Petersburg brought the case of the use of violence against a police officer after a rally of the opposition on the field of Mars. Earlier it became known about the case against the member of the Moscow rally, rashpilevskaja the gas from the container. The initiator of the rallies Alexei Navalny has been sentenced to 30 days in jail.


Petersburg Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia opened a criminal case on the use of violence against a police officer by an unknown party anti-corruption rally.

“12 June 2017 for about 14 hours on the Champ de Mars during the unauthorized rally, an unidentified man punched in the face a police officer”, — is spoken in the message of management.

What injuries to the injured police officer was not reported. Now, investigators began the search for the attacker.

It already the second criminal case after the anti-corruption rallies were held in dozens of cities of Russia at the call of opposition leader Alexei Navalny. Navalny himself was arrested for 30 days on the article about repeated violations of the order of organizing rallies.

Earlier on Tuesday it became known that in respect of one of the participants of the protest action, which took place yesterday in the centre of Moscow, a criminal case on violence against fighter Regardie (OMON).

The consequence considers, this person, who is not named, sprayed a gas canister in Pushkin square. According to official representative SKR, the man in custody.

The first case was also filed on charges of violence concerning the employee of law enforcement body.

In addition, the Tver court of Moscow on 15 days of arrested opposition activist Mark Galperin, the correspondent of Russian service Bi-bi-si. He was found guilty of disobeying a police officer.

On Monday 12 June, when the country celebrated the Day of Russia in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and dozens of other cities have been both agreed and uncoordinated protests, which were a continuation of the first anti-corruption campaigns Navalny held on 26 March.

Rallies in Moscow on Tverskaya street and in St. Petersburg on the Champ de Mars had not been agreed by the authorities. In Moscow, Navalny announced the failure to reach an agreed platform on Sakharov Avenue, accusing the government of sabotaging the installation of sound equipment.

In Petersburg the opposition was allowed to rally in a remote city Specific Park, but people took on the field of Mars. Police announced that the rally is illegal, and even invited the audience to take buses to move into the Park.

When the audience refused to leave and began chanting anti-government slogans, the arrests started.

In St. Petersburg, according to official data, was detained 500 people. In Moscow, according to “OVD-info”, 866 detained participants of the protests on Tverskaya street and Pushkin square.

Navalny himself was arrested when he got off the Elevator in his house. The court arrested him for 30 days on the article about repeated violation of the order of holding rallies.