Putin told stone about the grandchildren and the families of daughters

Russian President Vladimir Putin regrets that he rarely got to play with my grandchildren. As the head of state said in an interview with the American Director Oliver stone, his two daughters own family life, and from time to time he meets with them and their husbands. A fragment of stone shot a four-part documentary about the President of the Russian Federation published in anticipation of the premiere on Showtime.

Stone asked Putin a question about her grandchildren, asking if he could play with them. “Very rarely, unfortunately,” admitted the head of state.

According to Putin, his daughter is not connected with politics or big business, and engaged in science and education. “They have their own family life and we meet,” said the President, answering a question whether his daughters husband and see whether he is with them.

The Director also asked Putin, do they have any disputes with his brothers-in-law. To this the President replied that opinions sometimes differ. “We’re not arguing, we are discussing rather”, – Putin said, answering in the affirmative to the same question about their daughters.

Stone noticed that the head of state was very lucky with the children. “I’m proud of them,” – said Vladimir Putin.

Putin and the stone has held several long conversations on the basis of which was filmed four-part documentary. The premiere will begin in the United States today and will end on June 15. While aired only a few fragments of the interview.