Putin told about the reaction to the proposal Yeltsin to take charge of Russia

Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin did not immediately agreed to the proposal of former Russian President Boris Yeltsin to become Prime Minister with the subsequent nomination for the presidency. This he said in said in an interview with Director Oliver stone, the first of which was released on Showtime on Monday, June 12.

“I don’t know why Yeltsin chose me”, — Putin said, Recalling the events of 1999.

According to him, the first President of Russia invited him to his office. “He said he wants to appoint the Prime Minister and wish I were running for President. I said that is a very big responsibility, it has to change my entire life, and I’m not sure I’m ready for it,” — said Putin.

He stressed that it is one thing to be an officer — “you can live the life of ordinary people — to visit, to go to the cinema, theatre free, chat with friends,” and quite another to take “responsibility in that situation for Russia.”

In addition, Putin admitted that he was thinking only about one thing — “where to hide the children.”

“Imagine that I would be released from his post, — there is no protection, nothing, and what to do, how to live, how to ensure the safety of the family?” — he reasoned. He had left home and would come home late, so the kids have seen enough. “I don’t get up at four in the morning. I went at twelve, the hour of half past one and got up at seven o’clock. I always slept 6-7 hours,” — said the Russian leader.

Vladimir Putin started to work in Moscow as Deputy Manager of the President since August 1996. After a short stay at the head of the FSB of Russia and the post of Secretary of the security Council in August 1999 he was appointed Prime Minister. 31 December 1999 by decision of the President of Russia Boris Yeltsin was appointed the acting head of state. He was first elected President on 26 March 2000. Was re-elected to the presidency in 2004 and 2012.