Panama and China established diplomatic relations

Panama Monday, June 12, established formal diplomatic relations with the people’s Republic of China. About it reports Reuters referring to the statement of the President of the Central American States Juan Carlos Varela.

In his televised Varela also indicated that Panama break diplomatic relations with Taiwan. “The government of Panama severs all diplomatic relations with Taiwan and agrees to cease all relations and official contacts with this country,” he said.

Chinese state television CGTN announced that the government of China welcomes such a move.

After the decision of Panama to the world there are 20 States that have diplomatic relations with Taiwan. Most of them are in Central and South America, and Oceania. The recognition of the sovereignty of the PRC over Taiwan is a mandatory condition to maintain diplomatic relations with Beijing.

The Republic of China (Taiwan) was founded in 1912 and until 1949 ruled all of mainland China. After the conservative Kuomintang party was defeated in the Civil war and emerged people’s Republic of China (PRC), the previous government retreated to Taiwan and other neighboring Islands, in fact establishing a state with its capital in Taipei. China and Taiwan do not recognize each other’s sovereignty.