Navalny was detained at the entrance of his house

Alex Natalypretty: the police explained the detention of Navalny

Opposition leader Alexei Navalny, one of the organizers of the unauthorized rally on Tverskaya street in Moscow, was detained in the entrance of his house. The entry about this appeared in Twitter’s policy, it left the Bulk wife — Julia.

“Alexei was detained at the entrance of the house. He said to tell you that plans don’t change: Tver,” wrote the wife of the opposition leader.

In pictures posted on Twitter, Navalny, it is seen that near the house are two police cars and at least eight guards.

Alexey Navalny (@navalny)
12 June 2017, 10:28

Around noon on Tverskaya street began an anti-corruption protest of the opposition. The action was originally agreed with the authorities on Prospekt Sakharova, but organizers, including Bulk, I decided to move it in the end. Moscow city hall has regarded this as a provocation. The authorities also said that the police will not hinder the walking of opposition supporters if they do without banners and slogans.