Ivanka trump has registered four trademarks in China

Ivanka Trump

The daughter of the President of the United States Donald trump, Ivanka has achieved registration in China, with more than four brands. About it reports The South China Morning Post.

“Over the past years, our brand has been applied and updated them in order to protect international trademarks. This is a common business practice, especially in those regions where violations of intellectual property rights often enough”, — commented Abigail Clem, CEO of Ivanka Trump.

However, some American lawmakers believe that Ivanka trump, occupying the post of Advisor to his father, admits malpractice. “We Express our concern that the Ivanka trump could use and continues to use his official position at the White House with the purpose of extracting personal gains,” they wrote in a letter to Clem.

In total the company registered in China 24 brand. 43 expect the decision of the regulatory authority in registration and three were refused. The company, based on the nature of registered trade names, deal with real estate, financial services, construction, and sale of carpets, furniture and alcoholic beverages.