Autumn in Moscow will plant 400 thousand trees and bushes

Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said at a meeting of the city government that the fall of the city will be 60 thousand new trees and 310 thousand bushes, reports online edition

Some of them will be planted to replace the fallen during the storm on may 29.

According to the head of the Department of natural resources Anton Kulbachevsky, spring in the city appeared more than 170 thousand of green space, including 25 Altai cedars in honor of the signing of the agreement between Moscow and Altai territory.

Linden planted on Tverskaya street in late October of last year, bloomed only in early June. According to botanists, such a late awakening is normal for trees in the first year after transplantation, the TV channel “360”.

The landscaping of the capital is carried out in the framework of the campaign “one Million trees” launched in 2013 and the program “My street”, which began in 2015. The aim of the first is the decoration of the courtyards of houses. The locations for planting and varieties of plants choose the Muscovites through the portal “Active citizen”. My street involves a comprehensive reconstruction of city streets, according to the new standards, with the aim to make them modern and attractive to pedestrians.