Almost 80 percent of Russians called themselves patriots

According to the survey of Fund “Public opinion”, 78 percent of Russians consider themselves patriots, which is 21 percent more than in 2006, reports “Interfax”.

39 out of every hundred of the respondents believe that to say so in public is not good. And 59 percent believe the opposite

Half of the respondents believe that love of country is instilled focused on Patriotic education. That patriotism awakens in people for other reasons, says 41 percent of respondents.

Among the mandatory requirements to the patriots often referred to the love of mother nature (73 percent), then in the army (68 percent) and knowledge of history (65%).

61 percent of respondents believe that the patriot can criticize the authorities.

58 people out of every hundred respondents say that love of country does not imply knowledge of the national anthem by heart. Also, more than half of respondents allow the patriot to prefer foreign literature and the arts domestic.

Earlier, on 10 June, it was reported that the majority of Russian students called the symbol of true patriotism of veterans of the great Patriotic war. 34 percent of them believe a true patriot of Russian President Vladimir Putin.