The Prosecutor’s office warned against uncoordinated action on Tverskaya street in Moscow

© Artyom Korotayev/TASS

MOSCOW, June 12. /TASS/. The Moscow Prosecutor’s office warned the organizers and participants of the opposition rally on Sakharov Avenue that attempts to hold an unauthorized rally on Tverskaya street will be a direct violation of the law.

“The representative of the “Party of progress” Alexei Navalny and a number of public figures spread calls for participation in public events in the form of a March and rally on Tverskaya street on June 12,” – noted in the Moscow Prosecutor’s office, Recalling that the government of the capital holding a rally on Tverskaya street has not been agreed, the organizers proposed an alternative location, on one of which – the Sakharov Avenue – they gave their consent.

“We warn that any attempt to hold an inconsistent event on Tverskaya street – a direct violation of the law. Law enforcement agencies will be forced to take all necessary measures to prevent provocations, riots, any action leading to breach of public security, creating conditions for threats to life and health of citizens”, – noted in Prosecutor’s office of the capital.

To avoid possible law violations, the Moscow Prosecutor’s office has prepared a warning to Navalny.

In connection with the celebration of Russia Day from 18:00 on 11 June to 06:00 June 13, traffic on Tverskaya street from Pushkin square to Manezh square will be completely blocked.

The organizers of the Moscow rally against the renovation are not going to carry the meeting with Sakharov Avenue on Tverskaya street. This was reported by one of the organizers Julia Galiamina reported in group “Muscovites against the demolition” in the social network Facebook.

“…We as the organizers of the column against the demolition of Moscow has decided to meet all who are willing and able to come on Sakharov Avenue under our antiregulation ball”, – stated in the message.