The inhabitants of Puerto Rico were in favour of joining the USA as a state

The majority of voters in a referendum, Puerto Ricans voted in favour of joining the archipelago to the United States on the rights of the state. About it reports Reuters

To on the American flag appeared 51st star, voted 97 percent of citizens. While stations visited by only 23 per cent of eligible votes of the 2.2 million voters.

The Governor of Puerto Rico Ricardo Rossello (Ricardo Antonio Rosselló Nevares) is a supporter of entering the state in the United States. In his opinion, this is the best way to increase the welfare of the island, whose foreign debt is $ 70 billion, a 45% poverty rate, low quality of education and health, and almost broken pension system.

The outcome of Sunday’s plebiscite are Advisory in nature. For the final inclusion of Puerto Rico in the United States must be a decision of Congress.

Puerto Rico dependent on the United States territory, is under the control of the States, but is their integral part. Puerto Ricans have dual citizenship in Puerto Rico and the United States, without the right to participate in elections of the President of the United States.