The Committee recommended the state Duma to return the bill Milonova on social networks


RIA Novosti

The state Duma Committee on information policy has recommended the return of Deputy Vitaly Milonova (EP) his bill on regulation of social networks, which proposes to prohibit the registration in social networks to children up to 14 years and to require all other users to provide when you register personal data.

The head of the profile Committee of the state Duma Leonid Levin expressed hope that United Russia will hold off on the re-introduction of the draft law and pointed out that the subject of the document is different from the traditional areas of interest Milonova.

“Our Committee recommends to the Council of the state Duma to return the bill to the Deputy Milonova in connection with the compliance with article 104 of the Constitution and item 105 of the rules of the Duma, which refers to whether the conclusions of the government in introducing bills that involve the expenditure financed from the Federal budget,” said Levin at the Committee meeting.

He noted that we are talking about monitoring the performance specified in the bill requirements in relation to the owners of social networking, which implies the need for significant additional organizational and technical measures of the Supervisory authority.

“In the opinion of the legal Department of the state Duma, given the negative public resonance, and also quite sharp criticism both from experts and from members of the same party Vitaly Milonov, let’s hope that the author of the bill to postpone its re-making and will consult widely with the professional community, and then determine whether it needs such an initiative”, — said Levin.

He added that the Internet is fundamentally different from the traditional areas of interest Milanova and requires consideration of social role and pace of development of new technologies. “Therefore any restrictions must be approached very carefully and cautiously, after all possible risks and threats,” — concluded the head of the Committee.