The city authorities called the intention of the opposition to move rally a provocation

The intention of the opposition to move rally timed to the Day of Russia with the Sakharov Avenue on Tverskaya street — a provocation. This was announced by the head of the Moscow regional security Department Vladimir Chernikov, reports “Interfax”.

“I hope that everything will go without any provocations, although the organizers already are provocative,” said the official. “The fact that we are ready for any scenario, should not cause doubt, the order will be achieved,” he added.

The decision of the opposition to hold a rally, not where it was agreed, according to Chernikov, “it’s hard to comment from the point of view of common sense.” He said that on Sakharov Avenue are all ready for the meeting at midnight there was to begin a montage of scenes, but that never happens.

In the capital the government Agency reported that the promoter of the novel Rubanov has not notified the city hall about the withdrawal of the application.

In turn, the organizer of the action against the renovation, which was supposed to be part of the rally of the opposition, Yulia Galiamina wrote on his page in Facebook that is not going to leave the Sakharov Avenue. She said that it considered this approach to be unethical. “I believe that you cannot treat people like soldiers, who are on call change one type of stock to another (…) People should be respected. Even those who, in your opinion, insufficiently radical (…) I Want to make a radical action — declare and show (…) But to change the format in the middle of the night — not very respectful to people,” she explained. Galiamina said that it plans to attend both events.

The action of opposition dedicated to the Day of Russia, was agreed on Sakharov Avenue. It was planned that it will also be attended by the opponents of the renovation. However, on the night of June 12, the organizers of the rally announced the postponement of the action on Tverskaya street.