Supporters of the opposition in Moscow was allowed to walk on Tver without posters

The Metropolitan police will not hinder the walking of opposition supporters on Tverskaya street, if they’ll do without banners and slogans. On Monday, June 12, reported the radio station “Echo Moscow” the chief of city Department of regional security and counteraction of corruption Vladimir Chernikov.

He reminded that on Monday in the Tver held celebrations in honor of Day of Russia.

“If citizens can walk and show solidarity with the majority of people who come to celebrate the Day of Russia, all will be well. If they become “special” feelings for the police to notice them,” — said Chernikov.

In an interview with “Interfax”, he advised the citizens to refrain from participation in uncoordinated rallies, as police will apply to them strict measures.

The action of opposition dedicated to the Day of Russia, agreed on Sakharov Avenue. It was assumed that it will also be attended by the opponents of the renovation. In the night of 12 June, the organizers of the rally said on the transfer of shares on Tverskaya street.