Parades of flowers and orchestras as regions celebrated the Day of Russia

Parades of flowers and orchestras as regions celebrated the Day of Russia

June 12, in honor of Russia Day on all country there have passed the solemn processions, concerts and flash mobs.

In St. Petersburg the main event of the Day of Russia was the Festival of colors at the Palace square and Alexander Park. Leading florists of the world from Russia, Holland, Poland, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Armenia and Belarus prepared for holiday floral dresses with fluffy skirts and corsets, umbrellas and other accessories from flowers, has created a luxurious hairstyles for the models.

On the Nevsky prospect were several parades, “parade”, “Catwalk show” of military brass bands and a Parade of colors.

In Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, the celebration began with a rally. After about 100 cyclists rode with Russian symbols on the Central streets of the city. Square has opened the entry of young people in military-Patriotic clubs, started a mobile recruiting station and exhibition of vintage cars and weapons, including the times of the great Patriotic war.

In Yakutsk, Russia Day was celebrated by a parade of Friendship of peoples. Hundreds of residents and representatives of national-cultural associations marched through the center of the city in national costumes.

In Tyumen in this day XXIII regional festival of national cultures “friendship Bridge”, and in Yoshkar-Ola — action “Parade of Friendship of peoples.” The procession came out more than a thousand Russian, Mari, Tatar, Chuvash, Udmurts, Ukrainians, Belarusians, Uzbeks and representatives of other nationalities. In addition, the parade was attended by bikers, drummers and foreign students. Tsarevokokshaisk on the territory of the Kremlin held a performance in the style of Commedia Dell’arte (medieval vulgar Comedy).

In Grozny in the celebrations devoted to Day of Russia, was attended by about 16 thousand people. The main events of the celebration were a mass flashmob in the Central square of the capital of Chechnya and the opening of a children’s camp in the Shali district.

In the Astrakhan Kremlin took place the ceremony of raising the flag of the Russian Federation, at this time hundreds of Astrakhan performed the anthem of Russia.

The Central event of the day of Russia in Novosibirsk became a Moto-cycle race, which was driven through the streets of the city’s 10-metre Russian tricolor.

Perm, along with the Day of Russia was marked on June 12, his birthday. This year, the city celebrated its 294. In the capital of the Kama region and cities of the region held over 300 events, including carnival “Perm bright”. More than 2 thousand participants of the festive procession staged bright theatrical action in the streets.

Revision of the “news Mail.Ru” congratulates all the Russians on Day of Russia!