Ivanka trump did not expect “such a level of ill will” to the father

Ivanka trump did not expect “such a level of ill will” to the father

MOSCOW, June 12 — RIA Novosti. The eldest daughter and adviser Ivanka trump said that he did not expect such a level of malevolence towards his father Donald Trump and his administration.

“I did not expect such a level of malevolence… But not supposed to be easy,” — said Ivanka trump on the question of the leader of TV program “Fox & Friends” about how is it hard to stick to political plans in the circumstances.

My father and his administration are going to innovate… We plan to change the status quo.Ivanka Trump

She also noted that in some cases she was “stunned strife, and the savagery” of what is happening.

Trump regularly hits Twitter to such negatively inclined to it publications like the New York Times and CNN. On the contrary, he noted with satisfaction the content of the Fox News channel, one of the major channels, who sympathizes with the Republicans.

Past 2016 presidential elections were marked by extremely harsh rhetoric, including in relation to the media, the majority of whom supported the candidate of the Democratic party Hillary Clinton. The Republican candidate Donald trump has repeatedly criticized the media for “fake news” and biased attitude towards him. In response, the supporters of Clinton accused supporters trump the proliferation of “fake news” over the Internet.

After the election, trump called the media “enemies of the people” and “opposition”. For several months, a large part of the news broadcast is a trial about whether there was “conspiracy” trump with Russia during the election campaign, the presence of such relations, refutes, as in the White house and the Kremlin.