Trutnev refused to take “far Eastern hectare”

Yuri Trutnev


RIA Novosti

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Trutnev said that is not going to make “far Eastern hectare”, to avoid possible gossip, reports “Interfax” on Friday, June 9.

“Honestly, I wanted to, but all my colleagues say that it will not work — say that to have something unique. This is the main reason why not have”, — told Trutnev journalists in the course of far Eastern media summit.

According to the Deputy Chairman of the Russian government, land far very promising in terms of development of tourist business. “Nearly four years of working here I can say that this site is not anywhere else the beauty and natural diversity,” he added.

The main problem for creation of new tourist routes, he said, is the lack of decent infrastructure. At the same time, he noted that the construction of the camp site on one of the Kuril Islands would be a promising investment.

From February 1, any citizen has the right for free for five years to obtain a plot of one hectare in the far East, and then, if the area is developed, it can be rented or purchased. The main criteria for determining the development of the “far Eastern hectares” will be the presence of construction, the handles of the site and financial costs. Applications for the “far Eastern hectares” are registered via the website “Nadalnews.of the Russian Federation”.

Far Eastern media summit 2017 is held in Vladivostok from 8 to 10 June.