The guards counted who bezveza with the EU Ukrainians

The guards counted who bezveza with the EU Ukrainians

The border with the countries-members of the European Union without visas crossed over 1.3 thousand Ukrainians. Such information Sunday, June 11, the State border service of Ukraine, reports “Interfax-Ukraine”.

It was said that for crossing the border 71 percent of travelers used the road crossings, another 29 percent took the plane. There are also reports that five Ukrainians were denied entry into the European Union. One of them had a ban on visits to Commonwealth countries, two in the past, exceeded the permissible period of stay in the EU, two others (including minors) “had no visa in the passport of the old sample”.

“In Cologne recorded case of the inability of a citizen of Ukraine to argue the purpose of the trip, but thanks to the Consul, the situation was resolved,” — said the border guard.

Earlier on June 11 in the media appeared information that at the airport of Cologne, the German citizen refused to allow entry to Germany. The man, who arrived from Kiev, claimed that he came as a tourist, but was unable to provide supporting documents (e.g. hotel reservation). The situation was resolved after intervention by the Ukrainian Consul, writes “European true”.

Visa-free regime between Ukraine and the EU entered into force on 11 June. According to the agreement reached between Kyiv and Brussels, the citizens of the country will be able to stay in the member countries of the Schengen area not exceeding 90 days within half a year. Permission to work and study in the EU, the Ukrainians have not received.