The exhibition in Vilnius died Russian

The Russians died during a visit to the fair ArtVilnius, which takes place at the exhibition hall Litexpo in the capital of Lithuania. On Saturday, June 10, reports Delfi.

According to the publication, citizen of Russia, who during the event, lost consciousness, attempted to have the former mayor of the Lithuanian capital artūras Zuokas.

“At first it seemed that maybe it’s part of the show, it was hard to understand what is happening, but after I looked at the man, saw that his face turns blue. I realized that a serious matter,” said Zuokas noted.

To his aid came the visitor of the exhibition. The former mayor of Vilnius began to do citizen CPR. “After a while we brought him to his senses, he began to breathe, have a pulse. During this time the ambulance arrived, who continued the work” — said Zuokas.

The police of Vilnius reported that the man died in the ambulance. The cause of his death is not defined.