Scattered 12 million rubles biker in St. Petersburg gathered half of the amount

The police of St. Petersburg brought five and a half million of the 12 million rubles, which spilled on the highway the motorcyclist, writes on Friday 9 June.

One and a half million back in the day of the incident, June 6, the guards passed the traffic service. The money they collected on the Western high-speed diameter (WHSD), together with concerned motorists.

Another four million roubles on the evening of 8 June, brought in the police, the couple retired after learning about the incident from the media. On the same day to the police asked the alleged owner of the money. 40-year-old man told that he is a businessman, and lost 12 million represented the revenue of the company.

The moment when the money fell off the bike, removed the video camera on the WHSD. It happened near the interchange with the Heroic Avenue, where the iron horse jumped a road junction.