Reuters: trump intends to announce a new policy towards Cuba

Reuters: trump intends to announce a new policy towards Cuba

According to the Agency, the President of the United States announced the tightening of Washington’s policy against Havana on June 16.

WASHINGTON, June 10. /Offset. TASS Boris Makarov/. The President of the United States, Donald trump intends on 16 June to announce the tightening of Washington’s policy against Havana. As the Agency Reuters, citing informed sources, a statement to this effect, the U.S. leader will make during a trip to Miami (Florida).

According to an unnamed representative of the administration of the Agency, “trump’s assistants complete a thorough review of the policy towards Cuba in the coming days will send a recommendation to the team President on national security, and subsequently himself the head of state”. According to sources Reuters, it is possible that a statement may sound a little late, if Trump will take more time for a final decision.

Informed the American TV channel NBC reported that intentions trump to toughen US policy towards Cuba will likely not include the severance of diplomatic relations with that country, as well as the closure of the American Embassy in Havana. According to them, trump is considering the cancellation of several decrees of his predecessor Barack Obama on trade with Cuba, financial ties with her, as well as trips in this country.

Speaking in January 2015 with the next annual message “state of the country”, Obama spoke to Congress abolished the embargo against Cuba. Then he repeatedly repeated this call, but lawmakers have not supported this initiative. In this regard, Obama signed a number of decrees, policies mitigating against the Republic in the spheres of trade, tourism, transport, insurance, financial ties.

The current US administration had begun a review of all recent decisions of Washington policy against Cuba, as stated previously, the Secretary is Rex Tillerson.

It is including about the changes “in travel status (US citizens) to Cuba, as well as in business activities in Cuba”. Trump has declared readiness to cancel the agreement on normalization of relations with Havana.

The U.S. broke off diplomatic relations with Cuba in 1961, after the nationalization of the authorities in Havana American property on the island. At the same time, Washington has announced in relation to the introduction of Cuba trade embargo. However, in December 2014, Obama acknowledged that the previous policy of Washington against Havana is not working and announced the beginning of the movement towards normalization of bilateral relations and the easing of sanctions against Cuba.